CACHE Level 1 Caring for Children Second Edition (PDF)

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First published in 2020;
Pages: 187 pages;
Size: 9 Mb;
Written by Corinne Barker and Emma Ward;
Imprint: Hodder Education;
Language: English;


  • Acknowledgements and photo credits
    Guide to the book
    Group A
    CFC 13 Sharing learning experiences with children
    CFC 14 Growth and development of young children
    CFC 15 Human growth and development
    CFC 9 Respecting and valuing children
    CFC 10 Children's play and leisure activities in the community
    CFC 16 Preparing for your next steps
    CFC 17 Supporting babies to play
    CFC 21 Science activities for young children
    CFC 22 Technology activities for young children
    CFC 23 Musical activities for young children
    CFC 24 Practical health and safety when with young children
    CFC 25 Finding out about Forest Schools
    CFC 26 Craft activities for young children
    CFC 27 Understanding learning and development through play
    CFC 19 Self development
    Group B
    HL 1 Healthy living
    CFC 20 Healthy eating for families
    CFC 1 Confidence building for the young child through play
    CFC 2 Listening to and talking with a young child

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