Business Management for the IB Diploma, Edition 2022 (PDF)

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About the book:

Publisher: Hodder Education

Author(s): Malcolm Surridge and Andrew Gillespie

Place of Publication: United Kingdom

Pages: 1488

Edition: 2022

Language: English

Size: 10 Mb


How to use this book

The business management toolkit

Unit 1: Introduction to business management

1.1 What is a business?

1.2 Types of business entities

1.3 Business objectives

1.4 Stakeholders

1.5 Growth and evolution

1.6 Multinational companies (MNCs)

Unit 2: Human resource management

2.1 Introduction to human resource management

2.2 Organizational structure

2.3 Leadership and management

2.4 Motivation and demotivation

2.5 Organizational (corporate) culture (HL only)

2.6 Communication

2.7 Industrial/employee relations (HL only)

Unit 3: Finance and accounts

3.1 Introduction to finance

3.2 Sources of finance

3.3 Costs and revenues

3.4 Final accounts

3.5 Profitability and liquidity ratio analysis

3.6 Debt/equity and other efficiency ratio analysis (HL only)

3.7 Cash flow

3.8 Investment appraisal

3.9 Budgets (HL only)

Unit 4: Marketing

4.1 Introduction to marketing

4.2 Marketing planning

4.3 Sales forecasting (HL only)

4.4 Market research

4.5 The seven Ps of the marketing mix

4.6 International marketing (HL only)

Unit 5: Operations management

5.1 Introduction to operations management

5.2 Operations methods

5.3 Lean production and quality management (HL only)

5.4 Location

5.5 Break-even analysis

5.6 Production planning (HL only)

5.7 Crisis management and contingency planning (HL only)

5.8 Research and development (HL only)

5.9 Management information systems (HL only)

Assessment guidance




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