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Edition: 2021
Pages: 391
Author(s): Melanie Smith and Christopher Gorse
Publisher: Routledge
Language: English
Size: 25 Mb

The "Building Surveyor's Pocket Book, Edition 2021" is a compact and practical reference guide tailored for building surveyors, construction professionals, and students in the field of building surveying and construction. This pocket-sized handbook serves as a quick and comprehensive source of information, providing essential data, guidelines, and principles relevant to building surveying practice. Here's what you can expect from this textbook:

Comprehensive Reference: The pocket book covers a wide range of topics relevant to building surveying, including building materials, construction techniques, surveying methods, regulations, standards, and building pathology. It provides practical and up-to-date information essential for building surveyors in their day-to-day work.

Quick Access to Data: The pocket-sized format allows building surveyors to carry the book with them, providing quick access to essential data and information while on-site, during inspections, or in the office. It serves as a handy reference tool for finding specific details without the need for extensive research, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Surveying Techniques: The handbook offers guidance on surveying methods and techniques used in building inspection and assessment. It covers topics such as building measurements, condition surveys, defect diagnosis, and the use of surveying equipment. It provides practical tips on conducting surveys and recording findings accurately.

Building Pathology: The book delves into building pathology, including the study of building defects, their causes, and appropriate remediation methods. It offers insights into common structural issues, dampness problems, material deterioration, and other building pathologies. Building surveyors can refer to this information to diagnose problems and propose effective solutions.

Regulations and Codes: The handbook outlines building regulations, codes, and standards relevant to building surveying practice. It covers legal requirements related to safety, accessibility, fire regulations, and conservation principles. Building surveyors can use this information to ensure compliance with regulatory standards in their assessments and recommendations.

Maintenance and Rehabilitation: The book provides guidelines on building maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation. It offers practical advice on building maintenance schedules, preservation techniques, and refurbishment strategies. Building surveyors can use this information to assist property owners in preserving the integrity of their buildings.

Visual Aids: The pocket book includes diagrams, charts, photographs, and sketches to enhance understanding. Visual aids make complex concepts more accessible, allowing building surveyors to quickly grasp ideas and communicate effectively with clients and contractors.

Professional Practice Guidelines: The handbook contains information on professional practice, ethics, contracts, and project management specific to building surveyors. It helps building surveyors navigate the business aspects of their profession, including client relationships, project documentation, and legal considerations.

The "Building Surveyor's Pocket Book, Edition 2021" is an indispensable tool for building surveyors, offering them essential information and practical guidance needed for successful building surveying practice. Its portable format and wealth of information make it a valuable companion for building surveyors working on diverse projects and seeking quick access to reliable data and best practices.

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