The City & Guilds Book 1 Electrical Installations for Level 2, 3 and T Level Edition 2022 (PDF)

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About the book:

Publisher: Hodder Education

Author (s): Peter Tanner

Pages: 479

Edition: 2022

Language: English

Size: 114 Mb


Acknowledgements iv

Picture credits iv

About the author vi

How to use this book vii

1 Health and safety and industry practices 1

1 The law: roles and responsibilities 2

2 Health and safety legislation 5

3 Environmental legislation and dealing with waste 8

4 Dealing with health and safety in the work environment 15

5 Establishing a safe working environment 22

6 Using access equipment and working in confined spaces or excavations 45

7 Electrical safety on site 50

8 Safe isolation 56

2 Scientific and mathematical principles of electrical installation 65

1 Mathematical principles 66

2 Units of measurement used in electrical installation work 80

3 Basic mechanics 84

4 Basic electrical theory: the relationship between resistance, resistivity, voltage, current and power 92

5 Magnetism and electricity 108

6 Electronic components used in electrotechnical systems and equipment 133

3 Electrical technology 150

1 Regulations related to electrical activities 151

2 Technical information 160

3 How electricity is supplied 171

4 Intake and earthing arrangements 177

5 Consumers' installations 183

4 Electrical installation 233

1 Tools used to install wiring systems 233

2 Installation of wiring systems 255

3 Terminating cables 299

4 Inspection and testing 375

5 Communicating with others 408

1 Roles within the building services industry 408

2 information sources in the building services industry 419

3 Communication methods in work situations 431

Synoptic assessment 437

Appendix: About your qualification 440

Glossary 446

Common acronyms 450

Formula sheet 452

Answers 454

Index 461

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