Assessing Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care: Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Well-being (SSTEW) Scale for 2–5-year-olds provision (PDF)

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Edition: 2015
Pages: 64
Authors: Iram Siraj, Denise Kingston and Edward Melhuish
Publisher: UCL IOE Press
Language: English
Size: 30 Mb

Foreword by Professor Kathy Sylva 5
Introduction to the Sustained Shared Thinking and
Emotional Well-being (SSTEW)Scale 6
Rationale for the development of the SSTEW Scale 7
Content of the SSTEWScale 8
Preparing to use the SSTEWScale 9
• Important guidance before you start 9
• Making judgements 10
• Making judgements with regards to potentially positive behaviours, responses, and interactions 1 0
• Making judgements with regards to potentially negative behaviours, responses, and interactions 10
• Conducting an observation 1 1
• Scoring the SSTEW Scale 12
• The SSTEWScale score sheet, profile, and joint observation sheets 1 3
Sub-scale 1 Building trust, confidence and independence 14
• Item 1 Self-regulation and social development 14
• Item 2 Encouraging choices and independent play 16
• Item 3 Planning for small group and individual interactions/adult deployment 18
Sub-scale 2 Social and emotional well-being 20
• Item 4 Supporting socio-emotional well-being 20
Sub-scale 3 Supporting and extending language and communication 22
• Item 5 Encouraging children to talk with others 22
• Item 6 Staff actively listen to children and encourage children to listen 24
• Item 7 Staff support children’s language use 25
• Item 8 Sensitive responsiveness 26
Sub-scale 4 Supporting learning and critical thinking 28
• Item 9 Supporting curiosity and problem-solving 28
• Item 10 Encouraging sustained shared thinking through storytelling, sharing books, singing, and rhymes 30
• Item 1 1 Encouraging sustained shared thinking in investigation and exploration 32
• Item 12 Supporting children’s concept development and higher-order thinking 34
Sub-scale 5 Assessing learning and language 36
• Item 13 Using assessment to support and extend learning and critical thinking 36
• Item 14 Assessing language development 38
SSTEWScale score sheet 40
Score sheets 42
SSTEW Scale profile 47
Support materials: aspects of child development relevant to the SSTEW Scale 48
Joint observation/inter-rater reliability for the SSTEW Scale 59
References 60

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