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Edition: 2017
Pages: 414
Author(s): Charlotte Baden-Powell, Jonathan Hetreed and Ann Ross
Publisher: Routledge
Language: English
Size: 103 Mb

The "Architect's Pocket Book, Edition 2015" is a concise and practical reference guide specifically tailored for architects, architectural students, and professionals in the field of architecture. This pocket-sized handbook serves as a quick and comprehensive source of information, providing essential data, guidelines, and principles relevant to architectural practice. Here's what you can expect from this textbook:

Comprehensive Reference: The pocket book covers a wide range of topics essential to architectural design and practice. It includes information on building materials, construction techniques, regulations, standards, planning procedures, and sustainability considerations. This comprehensive coverage makes it a valuable resource for architects at various stages of their careers.

Quick Access to Data: The pocket-sized format makes it easy for architects to carry the book with them, providing quick access to essential data and information while working on-site or in the office. It serves as a handy reference tool for finding specific details without the need for extensive research.

Design and Planning Guidelines: The handbook offers design principles and planning guidelines, helping architects understand space requirements, accessibility standards, and functional considerations. It provides guidance on designing for specific purposes, such as residential, commercial, or public spaces, and offers tips on optimizing layouts and circulation.

Regulations and Building Codes: The book provides an overview of building regulations, codes, and standards applicable in the architectural field. It outlines legal requirements related to safety, accessibility, fire regulations, and other aspects of building design and construction.

Sustainability and Environmental Considerations: As sustainability becomes increasingly important in architectural practice, the pocket book includes information on sustainable building materials, energy-efficient design strategies, and environmentally friendly construction practices. It offers insights into green building certifications and sustainable design principles.

Construction Details and Specifications: The handbook includes construction details and specifications for various building elements. It provides illustrations and diagrams depicting common construction techniques, materials, and assembly methods. Architects can use these details as references or adapt them for their specific projects.

Measurement Conversions and Data: The book includes measurement conversions, unit systems, and data tables, facilitating quick calculations and conversions essential for architectural drawings, specifications, and project estimates.

Professional Practice Guidelines: The handbook contains information on professional practice, ethics, contracts, and project management. It helps architects navigate the business aspects of their profession, including client relationships, project documentation, and legal considerations.

Visual Aids: The pocket book includes diagrams, charts, and photographs to enhance understanding. Visual aids make complex concepts more accessible, allowing architects to grasp ideas quickly and apply them effectively in their work.

The "Architect's Pocket Book, Edition 2015" is an indispensable tool for architects, providing them with essential information and practical guidance needed for successful architectural practice. Its portable format and wealth of information make it a valuable companion for architects working on diverse projects and seeking quick access to reliable data and best practices.

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